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State of Onions – Reasons for Rising Prices and Solutions for Indian Market

Onions - A Love Hate Story for Indian Consumers

Onion is quintessential commodity which is integral part of everyday diet of most of the Indians. It’s also a commodity which is equally used by a daily wage labour as a main course with pain roti (bread) or as part of salad and various Indian curries by rich and famous eating in star hotels. It’s also the only vegetable which as the power to overthrow Governments.

Onion retail and wholesale prices in Indian market has soared in the past few months. According to recent news reports, the prices are expected to touch INR 100/Kg. making onions far costlier than most of the pulses which contain more nutrients than onions.

To analyse the increase in the price of onions we will have to first understand the trading pattern for this commodity.

The export-import (EXIM) scenario of onions is highly skewed in the favour of exports as explained below:

EXIM Scenario of Onions in India

1.1 Export Scenario for Onions

India’s export of onions was at US$ 143.36 million in 2004-05 which rose to US$ 376.39 million in 2014-15. India exported US$ 3.71 billion worth of onions during this period.

India - Export Value of Onions (in US$ million)
India – Export Value of Onions (in US$ million)

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India’s 69th Independence Day – Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

Ashoka Pillar

India just celebrated it’s 69th Independence day with a lot of fervor. It’s definitely a moment to celebrate for all Indians across the world but the country faced greater challenges ahead. If tackled properly then these challenges can be converted into opportunities. Without further ado let’s dive right into them.

Rising Population

According to the United Nations, estimated population of India is expected to cross 1353 million by year 2020. The current estimate of the population by end of 2015 is expected to touch 1282 million.

Forecast of India's Overall Population (in millions)
Forecast of India’s Overall Population (in millions)

On one hand this creates a problem because we are running out of natural resources to support such a large population. But if looked at from human resource point of view this presents huge opportunities as this very same population, if managed and skilled properly; can propel India to become leading nation in every sector be it business, agriculture, science and technology etc.

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